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The Last Word

Whether it’s writing a white paper or newsletter, or editing and repurposing articles into an e-book or blog posts, I am known for turning out top quality work. I effectively capture your voice and brand personality – or establish them, if necessary.

I also will work with you on your content marketing strategy. Too often, brands don’t strike a balance between owned and earned media in their content marketing strategy basket. It’s not that hard, but if your agencies (content marketing, PR, social and ad) don’t play together well with their roles firmly delineated, you’re not going to get the most bang for your content buck.

Here’s the kind of content I do a lot of.

Articles: Pieces “authored” by subject matter experts that can be oriented various ways, including as tutorials (“how-to”), opinion, and trend, issue and news development discussions.

Blogs: Shorter and more conversational posts that exhibit a distinct personality and point of view

White papers: Authoritative reports or guides that examine important issues.

Case studies: Analyses of how individual business, people, groups or events successfully manage particular issues or needs.

Website: The descriptive copy that explains what the brand behind the site is all about.

Newsletters: Regular, outbound communiqués (hard copy and digital) that share thinking and successes in a non-promotional way – and promote market engagement.

E-books: Repurposed, repackaged or “from-scratch” content.

Scripts: Narratives for video or audio productions.

Press releases: Announcements of significant events or milestones.

Marketing collateral: Brochures, sales slicks and the like.


There isn’t much that I haven’t written over the years. If you have a need that’s not listed, get in touch to see if I can help!