The Last Word

Hodge Media Strategies develops content strategies and the materials – from white
papers to articles to newsletters – that power them.

Owner Sally Saville Hodge was all about content long before content marketing
became a popular – and effective – way to reach and sway audiences.

Content is really nothing more than information that is delivered through any
medium – whether a website, your community newspaper, or a YouTube video.
Content strategy is how those channels are used, separately and together, to engage
audiences, building brand awareness and loyalty in the process.

Twenty-some years ago, content was the foundation of Hodge’s public relations
practice, born of her experience as an award-winning financial journalist. Then as
now, it required content that positioned and differentiated client businesses. That
informed, versus “sold.” That helped shape brand perceptions.

Today, Hodge Media Strategies is less about PR (which we do only on a very limited
and targeted basis), and more about content-based communications. Get in touch if
you’d like to learn more. It’s one of Sally’s favorite topics!