The Last Word

Sally Saville Hodge writes the content that drives content strategies.

She has been all about quality content long before it caught on as a key way to win hearts and minds — and drive traffic.

Before the digital revolution and today, that means opinion essays. Articles with a tutorial bent. White papers and executive summaries. And press releases too. Back in the day, they were contributed to traditional publications who needed quality articles to augment staff writing. They carried the third-party endorsement value of editorial side coverage. And became a winning way to communicate the expertise that’s behind great businesses.

Today, the need for content like that and more has exploded as have our digital channels and outlets. Despite the commoditization this has created, there’s still a need for quality writing, whether it presents everyday information in an engaging and understandable way, or captures the voice and more sophisticated thinking required for effective thought leadership.

Supplying that level of thinking and writing is what Hodge does. Because then, as now, she’s all about content.